Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Add your link today

This site kinda caught my attention today, and I think that it is well worth a blurb or two.

Add Link Online is basically a site where you can get your site listed for a minimum fee of $1. The higher you pay, the higher your site appears on the list.If somebody buys a spot for a price greater than what you have bought it for, their link goes ahead of yours. And if you think you need to pay a lumpsum to top, think again.You can upgrade by paying extra $$ at a later time, and your new position will be determined by the sum total of what you paid before and what you have paid now.

Many webmasters spend a considerable amount of their time advertising and buying links for their site. Value for money is therefore what they look for. This one certainly offers that.And there is a cool stats figure which tells how many links have been bought, how much has been spent on advertising, etc. And the owner appears to be promoting it quite well.

Buy $1 link here.

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