Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, what is your take on spam ?

We all hate splogs, don't we ? Sadly, as I venture deeper and deeper into the World Wide Web, I see more of splogs and less of blogs. The sad thing is that many of these splogs make money too, despite simply being content leechers.

Was Adsense a factor in the increase of splogs ? In a way, yes. When people started to read Adsense success stories, they felt that they could be the next Joel Comm or the next Jeremy Schoemaker. And this was to be achieved without an iota of work. So there you go-

Cannot write content- leech it off. Do not give credit to the original site owner either. The sad part is that because the web is so large, not everybody has the patience to contact the leecher's host or file a DMCA complaint.

Cheap domain names- infos. Infos are extremely cheap for the first year, you could get them for ninety nine cents at Godaddy. Therefore infos were the choice for such spam domains, and unfortunately, the extension got tagged with the labels spam and MFA. When you see penis-enlargement-dick-enlargement-boost-sex-power-cock-xxxxxxx-xxx.info or some other similar domain, you can be rest assured that it is a site that should ideally not exist on the internet.

And last but not the least, the content spammers. Despite viagra not really being spam, yours truly and many others associate it with spam. Ask any webmaster the first two niches that come to his mind when you say the word spam- the answers will be pharmacy and sex. These two niches keep my Akismet on wordpress run sites extremely busy.

I hate idiotic comments like this too

Hi, I liked this site very much.

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The list could go on and on.

And sadly, splogs won't stop....infact more and more of them are going to flood the market in the future.

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